We provide you a report of a woman who tried a cucumber juice, here is her statements: I’ve always loved sour cucumbers, but until the boy accidentally offered me to try some juice from them, it did not happen to me before. Still, I was always wondering why drinkers drink it – these were thoughts by Ilina Pols Brone, and then she drank seven days for her juice and transferred her experiences.

  • All the benefits of acidic cucumber juice

This juice, which contains only water, also has vinegar, many boasts because it relieves cramps in inflamed muscles, prevents dehydration during exercise and no fat. That’s why it’s good for fighting weight. It’s full of antioxidants and good for digestion. In addition, it turned out to be great in the afternoon.


It relieves muscle cramps

On the first day I got used to it, there was not any bad taste at all, but it was salty.

On the second day, I was hoping to reduce the spasms I got and they really disappeared. I do not know just whether it’s just because of juice or it’s a coincidence.

On the third day I was completely accustomed to this new ritual, and since I had a training, I was convinced that the next day I would have cramps and muscle inflammation as usual.

Nevertheless, the fourth day did not happen, I did not feel any pain.

On the fifth day, which was the second day after the training, when I usually had pain, there were still no cramps. And although this may be accidental, and perhaps because of this juice, it’s important that my muscles do not torture me as usual. Until then, I almost got used to it and it was not strange that I was drinking this juice.

On the sixth day, I kissed my boyfriend and checked that this juice really works in the breath. On the last day of the seventh day, I realized that all this was the right move.

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