The internet has helped us learn many things we didn’t know before and not take things for granted. Such is the case of making love – many people previously thought that it is only a moment of pleasure, but now we know that it has numerous health benefits we weren’t aware of in the past.

Like any other physical activity, if we stop practicing it, we’ll lose the benefits. Experts say that going without it for a week can have serious consequences on your health and cause the following problems:


Having intercourse with your partner is the best way of reducing stress. According to a 2005 study, making love to your partner can improve your brain and physical performance, and works like a workout that will help you do betternext time.

Low self-esteem

Making love can make you feel better about yourself, and according to a study, during the time of ejaculation, testosterone, estrogen and prolactin are quickly released, which balances our emotions.

Heart problems

Not having any physical activity is the main source of heart disease, so, not having it often will cause heart problems. A recent study examined the habits of several couples and found out that those who were making love more than once a week were less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. The other group had significantly increased risk of erectile dysfunction as well as heart problems.

As you can see, it is not just to satisfy your desires – it can also improve your overall health. Now that you know, start practicing it with your partner more often.


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