Before sharing recipe of this drink let me tell you how does this drink work? It’s pretty simple, this drink is going to reduce the apatite and is going to remove the excess weight or fat from the body, it works really well for those who doesn’t won’t to work out or want to go to gym

To prepare this drink you willneed

Mint leaves/Coarindar leaves
Cumin seeds


Take 500 ml f water.In this add 1 table spoon of cumin seeds. Boil this water for 10 minutes.Filter this cumin water

Now in this water add 2 table spoons of honey

Now cut 1 lemon in 4 pieces and add in this water

Cut 1 inch ginger in small pieces and add this in cumin water

Add 1 cup of either mint or coariandar leaves in cumin water

If you like you can also add pinch of salt

Leave this mixture for few hours and your fat cutter drink is ready

Drink 1 glass of this 20 minutes before every meal

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