He reason your hair splits and breaks is most likely because it is dry. dry hair gives it an unhealthy appearance and makes hair prone to damage and split ends. Just like your skin, your hair needs moisture to stay healthy. while applying a very small amount of vaseline to the ends of the hair for moisture will prove beneficial, hair growth can be encouraged further by massaging a minimal amount of vaseline into the scalp. vaseline is ideal for hydrating and nourishing your hair, preventing split ends and enabling stronger hair growth.

Now let me quickly tell you about this remedy in detail.

Take small amount of vaseline and apply it on your hair ends while going to bed, it will prevent hair damaging.

Also massage little bit of Vaseline on your scalp, it will encourage stimulation that helps in faster hair growth.

It is always better to apply vaseline to your scalp and hair ends before going to bed and let it penetrate on your scalp whole night. Just once a week Vaseline treatment is enough.

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