Today I am going to share one remedy that will give you clear flawless skin in just 1 week

  • Take 1 potato
  • Wash it well and cut it in small pieces
  • Blend it
  • Put it on net cloth and remove all of its juice
  • Apply this juice and massage on your face for few minutes
  • You can store this juice
  • Massage your face every day with this juice

–If you have acne/oily skin, app 2 tbsp lemon juice in juice of 1 potato (about 5 tbsp potato juice)  and then use it

–If you have dry skin, add 1 spoon honey in potato juice (about 5 tbsp potato juice) and then use it

–If you have large skin pores, add 2 tbsp rose water in 5 tbsp potato juice and then use it

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