The heart attack could occurto young and older people. Persons that have high blood pressure and cholesterol are having bigger chances to have a heart attack.

Besides, obesity is also a big cause, and obese people are having higher chances of having heart attack, before thirties. They usually don’t live long enough, as the normal people do. It’s important to eat healthy, to reduce intake of salt, fat and sugar, because with their intake, you’re blocking the blood vessels, increasing the blood pressure, cholesterol, so you could get a heart attack. Not to mention the damaging of the kidneys and other organs, and you can have diabetes

These are the symptoms that are pointing out to heart problems and the possibility to have a heart attack: Constant tiredness Diiculties in breathing and short breaths Nausea and vomiting Chest pain and pressure Pain in the back, legs and arms Increased sweating, especially cold sweat

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