Summer’s here, which means that our skin is under constant attack form the harmful UV-rays from the sun. In order to protect the skin in summer, it’s essential to use sunscreen lotion. Using sunscreen whenever you’re outside will protect your skin from sunburns and even from melanoma or other types of skin cancers. Recently, Russian doctor Yevgeny Komarovsky shocked everyone when he revealed the 3 main causes of melanoma! Melanoma is the most dangerous and aggressive type of skin cancer and affects thousands of people every year. According to Dr. Komarovsky, there is more than one reason for melanoma, and the first cause is not using sunscreen. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer which progresses very slowly – its latent period is 20-40 years. So, even if you are wearing sunscreen now, but you didn’t use it as a child, you are at an increased risk of developing the disease.

Another big problem is the ozone layer – it’s becoming thinner and thinner by the year and offers less and less protection from the harmful UV rays from the sun. If you’re thinking “How did people live in the past and didn’t suffer from skin cancer?”, the answer is simple – the sun was less aggressive then and the ozone layer was thicker. The third big cause for the increasing numbers of melanoma cases is improperly applied sunscreen lotion. People usually rub just a bit of the creams and lotions and think that they’re protected, but the truth is that our skin needs a thick layer of sunscreen in order to stay protected. You also need to apply a new layer every time you go into the water, and every couple of hours even if you don’t swim as sweating removes the lotion. “Sunscreen is useful, but you shouldn’t rely solely on it,” says British oncologist Julia Sharpe, and continues: “Sunscreen doesn’t guarantee absolute protection – you also need to develop useful and healthy habits to protect the DNA in skin cells which is often damaged by the UV-rays from the sun.” The excess ultraviolet radiation from the sun is dangerous for adults, but especially dangerous to children. Children have thinner and softer skin which is more prone to burns. The UV-rays can easily trigger the development of skin cancer in children, so you need to protect them by applying a high-quality sunscreen with a higher SPF factor – preferably 50 or higher. According to recent studies, sunburns increase the risk of melanoma by 80%, which makes sunscreen lotions all the more important. However, you should also make sure to buy a good brand of sunscreen – like with many other things, cheaper is probably worse, so stick to the quality brands or ask your doctor for recommendation. In order to protect yours

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