Raw potatoes have many uses in alternative medicine, even if we think that they are not good for consummation. However, they can be extremely healthy and useful. Their juice has been proven effective in treatment of cancer, diabetes, gastritis, high blood pressure and other serious diseases. Potato juice can also be used as a hair treatment, and is very efficient in reducing the dark circles under the eyes.

Another thing we are doing wrong is peeling the potatoes because of the common misconception that it is poisonous. The skin of an organic grown potato does not contain any dangerous substances. The real danger is in green potatoes and potato sprouts. They contain solanine, a natural toxin present in the green parts of the potatoes. Peel the skin from a green potato to avoid any health risks.

Potatoes as a cure for serious diseases

There have been many papers from experts on the matter like Dr. John Lesindzer and Dr. John Tucakov on the healing abilities of potatoes. Dr. Lesindzer recommends potato juice as an effective natural remedy against gastritis. He suggests taking one tablespoon of potato juice diluted with some water half an hour before meals. If you are suffering from duodenal or stomach issues, drink half a deciliter of potato juice on an empty stomach in the morning, and the same amount half an hour before lunch and dinner.

Dr. Tucakov claims that potato juice can lower the blood sugar levels and treat lung and respiratory issues, even emphysema.

Tomizawa, a Buddhist monk, also praised the healing powers of potato juice in his book “The road to a healthy lifestyle: Cancer is nothing to fear”. He suggests daily consumption of half a pint of potato juice to cure cancer and other diseases.

More scientific evidence emerges on potato juice as a treatment for cancer. Dr. Kagamine, a professor at the Medicine University of Akita in Japan, has successfully isolated the main substance of raw potatoes, which has proven effective in stopping the tumor growth in mice. The results were published in the International Congress for the fight against cancer held in Germany. Raw potato juice is also a part of Broy’s cancer therapy.

At the moment, potato is more known as a powerful remedy for kidney and liver diseases. It also treats heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, lumbago, rheumatoid and many more illnesses. Drinking potato juice also strengthens the immune system, alleviates headaches and menstrual pain.

When you experience fatigue, drink a mix from a medium-sized potato, carrots and apples in the morning and evening to restore your health and energy in only two weeks.

Health benefits of potato juice

Gives the immune system a boost

Cleanses the body of toxins

Treats skin diseases

Fights cancer

Helps with gastritis and other stomach problems

Lowers blood sugar

Helps in liver and kidney diseases

Protects against cardiovascular diseases

Potato skin detoxifies the body and is rich in essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins C and B6, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, etc. A raw potato has about 27 mg. of vitamin C, almost 45% of the daily recommended intake, but this can be lost if you cook the potato.

Potatoes can also treat skin issues and improve the complexion thanks to its antiseptic properties. It effectively removes acne and blackheads, nourishes the skin and prevents aging. Make a potato mask to clean and tighten the skin.

You can also effectively reduce cellulite with potatoes. Slice a potato and rub the affected area with a piece.

How to prepare potato juice

Wash the potatoes and remove the seeds and green parts. Cut them to slices, wrap them in a cloth fabric and squeeze the juice out, or use a juicer for this task.

Always drink fresh potato juice. If you don’t like the taste, you can mix it with your favorite fruit or vegetable juice and add honey to taste.

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