Garlic is surely one of the healthiest foods you can consume, and should be part of our daily diet. The powerful vegetable is rich in essential vitamins and minerals as well as enzymes that are involved in different processes in our body. Garlic can defeat infections thanks to its antibacterial properties, and the antioxidants it possesses help it fight free radicals and cancer. The vegetable is also a powerful anticoagulant that can prevent thrombosis.

Garlic has been known to treat digestive problems such as ulcers and regulate your cholesterol levels, while also relieving colds and the flu and strengthening the immune system. Contrary to what some people think, you don’t need much garlic to benefit from it – a simple clove or two a day should be more than enough. Our bodies can’t digest big amounts of garlic, which is why you shouldn’t consume more.

For centuries, garlic has been a part of many powerful natural remedies such as the one we have for you today. The remedy can clean your body of toxins and treat any kind of health problem you might be facing, and it’s very easy to prepare. Here’s how:


2-3 garlic cloves

1 tablespoon of water

Lemon juice


Chop the garlic cloves finely and add the water and lemon juice, then mix well before consuming the mixture. Take the remedy every day in the morning and drink plenty of water to detox your body and prevent numerous problems.

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