In this article we’re going to share the story of Emma Sealey, from English city of Redich. She got so obese but managed to lose 125 kilograms without any surgical procedures.

She was 35 years old and weighed 181 kilograms. Because of her weight, she was convinced that she would die before turning 40. Her loved ones begged her to see a doctor and do a gastric reduction, but she choose a healthy path instead.

In just two years she managed to lose 125 kilograms and came down to 56.7 kilograms!

Emma was having troubles leading a normal life. She could barely walk, and do any basic everyday task. After she visited a doctor after many years he was speechless and she realized that she needs to lose weight fast.

She then got some help from some advisers of Cambridge, and changed her lifestyle and daily habits completely. She replaced sausages, fries, sweets, and junk food, with cereal, tuna, fish, vegetables, and fruits.

As time went by she started to lose up to 6 kilograms per month. In addition to her nutrition and diet, she started to work out with a personal trainer on a regular basis, and also began cycling and running.

In the present, she is full of confidence and very proud of herself for managing to change her bad habits and lose the excess weight. She says that she loves walking by windows and mirrors and watch the reflection of her figure.

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