The aging process is sadly unavoidable, as are the changes it brings to our body. For many people, the first sign of the aging process is gray hair, an aesthetical problem no one likes to deal with.

Gray hair can significantly affect your self-esteem and makes people feel bad about themselves. And, although the aging process can’t be stopped, there are a few natural remedies that can delay it.


To cover their gray hair, people use expensive products and treatments which often contain chemicals that can do more harm than good. However, instead of these products, you can use a simple natural remedy that we’ll show you how to prepare below.



5-6 potatoes


Shampoo bottle

A strainer

A towel



Peel the potatoes first and boil the peels in water, then boil the mixture for half an hour and strain it over a bowl in the end. Save the liquid and peels both and let the liquid cool down completely before applying it on your hair.

Wash your hair well first, then apply your favorite moisturizer to hydrate the gray hairs and prepare them. Now, pour the potato peel water over your head and leave your hair to dry naturally.

Repeat the process a couple of times a week and you will never see a gray hair on your head again!

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