One of the worst things is an itch, especially if it is in a place you can’t reach, such as the ear.  This can drive any person crazy. Thankfully, if you have chronic ear itchiness,there is an explanation and a few ways to stop it.

What causes itchy ears       

The ear is full of neurilogical fibers and they are very sensetive. So unlike popular believe, our ears don’t itch because someone is talking bad about us.

Itchy ears is caused by many things among which :dry skin, ear infection, psoriasis or use of a hearing aid or ear canal dermatitis (allergic reaction). It can also be caused by water reaching the ear after a swimming session.

In most cases itchy ears are easy to treat and are not to be worried about. If however, you notice bleeading, draining or hearing loss with the itchiness, you should see a doctor.

Treating itchy ears

According to Healthy Hearing, if you insert objects such as cotton swab or a bobby pin to sratch the itch, you may cause damage such as puncturing your eardrum.

Instead, try one of these home remedies for treating your itchy ear:

  1. Alcohol and vinegar: You can use a dropper or even a small spoon to insert drops containing alcohol and vinegar. The way HubPages recommends you do this is by, tilting your head on one side, apply the mixture , then tilt it to the other side and apply again. However be careful to keep it to a minimum since it can dry out your ear.
  2. Warm oil: Home Remedy Shop suggests warmin up any oil such as olive, tea tree, coconut or garlic and add a few drops to your ear.
  3. Hydrogen peroxide: To clean out excessive ear wax mix 1 half hydrogen peroxide and 1 part water. Apply a few drops to your ear.
  4. Aloe vera: To restore pH levels and provide anti-inflammation benefits,Home Remedy Shop suggests putting three to five drops of gel from an aloe vera plant.
  5. Homemade elderberry syrup: For soothing earaches and potential infections Wellness Mama recommends elderberry syrup, especially for kids. Just drink some for its antiviral properties, which may help recovery from an ear infection.

According to Healthline, if your itchy ear persists talk to a doctor, who can prescribe an antibiotic ointment or ear drops.

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