Many women are desperately searching for a way to achieve long and shiny hair. Some of them are experiencing hair loss and they still can’t find the best solution for this problem. The only solution for them is to get hair extensions. Luckily, we one solution for you which you can try.

There are few natural ways to accelerate your hair growth in a very short period of time. This remedies will not cost you a fortune and have long-lasting effects and can actually be more beneficial than any other commercial hair growth product. So, read this article carefully and find out how to prepare this solution. You will need just one ingredient – potatoes. They are very beneficial and can help you to accelerate hair growth completely naturally and without any harmful side-effects in less than a week.

The procedure is very simple. Just wash 5 to 6 six medium-sized potatoes and peel them. Then, add them in blender and mix well. You will get a thick mash. Add little water and then strain the puree with a muslic cloth. Separate the juice from the leftovers. This potato extract is what you need for your hair growth. Apply the mixture on your hair and masssage your scalp, then apply on the ends of your hair. Then, cover your head with a shover cap and leave it on for about 20 to 25 minutes. At the end, rinse your hair with water.

Repeat this treatment every week and your hair will start to grow incredibly fast. This solution will improve hair growth and will give your hair great shine. Share this article with your family and friends and help them too if they have this problem.

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