Many people worldwide are dealing with extra pounds and they are in constant search for the right solution to their problem. Well, if you are one of them, it’s your lucky day because in this article we are going to present you the recipe for an amazing drink which will help you burn belly fat within 4 days. Nevertheless, a balanced diet is also required if you want to get the best results. Moreover, this combination of healthy, balanced diet and this beverage will boost your metabolism as well.

The best part about this drink is that is has no side-effects since it is based on water. Another important thing to mention is that you should definitely stay away from oily foods, snacks and sweets while taking this miraculous drink.

Instead, you should consume more fruits and veggies like watermelon, cantaloupe and cucumber as they are abundant in water. When your organism is hydrated, you don’t have to worry about constipation and bloating.


  • Medium sized chopped lemon
  • Medium sized sliced cucumber
  • Ginger root (grated)- 1 teaspoon
  • 8 glasses of water
  • Peppermint leaves


Take one jar and put all the ingredients in it. After that, leave the mixture to stay during the night.

The next morning, your drink will be ready for consumption. Make sure to drink it as a substitution for water in the following 4 days.

This miraculous and natural beverage is a powerful diuretic because each ingredient has its own natural diuretic properties. The consumption of this natural remedy will help you flush out the extra fluids. If you feel the need to go in toilet too often, don’t worry because it is normal. This drink will keep you well hydrated throughout the whole time and your skin will feel the numerous benefits of this drink as well.

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