Your overall health depends on a healthy lifestyle, and this includes a well-balanced diet and regular physical activity. Following these tips can help you lead a life free of stress and disease.

Gaze at the sun before sunset or after sunrise. At first, do it 10 seconds a day, then gradually increase the time for 10 seconds each day. While looking at the sun, it’s important to stand barefooted on the ground.

2# Drink fluoride-free or filtered water. The best alternative is mountain spring water. Store your drinking water in glass bottles, which you then expose to sunlight for a few days so as to absorb solar energy. Don’t leave the bottles outside overnight.

3# Do regular physical activity in the open. It’s one of the most effective ways of detoxification.

4# Breathe deeply some fresh air in the morning and evening for at least 20 minutes.

5# Go to bed between 10pm and 2am. During this period, your body produces hormones. Your biorhythm should follow the sun rhythm.

6# Swap your store-bought cosmetics with natural alternatives.

7# Eat fresh, organic produce.

8# Cut out artificial sweeteners from your diet.

9# Eliminate alcohol, cigarettes, black tea, chewing gum and canned food and drinks.

10# Stay positive. This stimulates secretion of therapeutic hormones.

11# Act healthily. Don’t speak or act negatively about yourself or others.

12# Be tolerant. This helps you get rid of hatred and anger which have an adverse effect on the secretion of hormones. Negative feelings also damage your overall health. Forgive others to help yourself.

13# Alleviate the symptoms of mental disease with raw plants and sun.

14# Raw food is the ideal diet.

15# Eat fresh fruits and vegetables as well as few almonds or walnuts; soak these before consumption. Also, take 2 tbsps. of flaxseed oil every day along with 2 tbsps. of freshly powdered linseed.


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