What can induce a headache?

From headache suffer even 20% of the Earth’s population and mainly occurs after 25 years of life. Based on location and severity of pain, you can discover of which type of headache is about.

Headaches can be caused by various reasons, as symptoms of another illness and then usually are followed by vertigo, vomiting and disorientation or solo headache caused by stress.

For the body also can be very stressful adaptation to the weather occasions.

Headaches can be caused by anxiety at work or general living conditions; to women reason may be hormonal changes when often occur local headaches or sinus problems.

For persons to which headache occurs occasionally is recommending insulation from noise and filtered light, to rationalize the senses.

If it is necessary, you can take not very strong herbal remedy. It the headache lasts long or pain is extremely strong, it is necessary to call a doctor.

“My head is in vice”

It is about a tension type of headache which occurs gradually to medium intensity of pain. Often it occurs due to stress, so it is recommended to have a good sleep.

Headache in one half of the head

It is about migraine that is not dangerous headache but it is hard. It may last up to 72 hours.

They identify by pulsating pain of moderate to strong intensity, and besides that, can also occur nausea and sensitivity of noise and light. It is important to take a pill against pain as soon as symptoms appear.

Pain in temples

It appears if there is a disorder of the lower jaw wrist and leads to tension type of headache. Besides pain in the temples occur and pain in the ear, face, difficulty in opening and closing of the mouth, followed by cracking when the jaw is moved. Visit your doctor.

Pains in the forehead

This type of pain is caused by inflammation of the sinuses. The pain can be felt in the zygomatic bones. Inhalation and showering with warm water helps in opening the channels of the sinuses.

Pains in the one side of the face and often swollen eyelid.

It is about cluster headache that is severe and lasts in cycles of two weeks to a month. It occurs at specific times of the year, and between the two attacks could take two years. Those who suffer from a real headache say that it is easier when they move.

The pain occurs on one side of the head and usually on the same side clogs the nostril, the eye is reddened, and face and forehead sweats. This type of headache is more common in men.


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