Many people started to drink water right after they wake up during the past few years. This especially is popular in Japan.

Also many researchers prove that this is worth. Here we are going to show you how water heals some diseases.

This is great technique for new and old diseases. Medical society in Japan discovered that water is 100% remedy against heart system, body ache, fast heartbeat, headache, arthritis, obesity, kidney and urine disease, Meningitis, TB, epilepsy, bronchitis, asthma, menstrual disorder, ENT problems, womb, cancer, eye disease, diabetes, piles, constipation and vomiting.

How to do water treatment:

Before washing your teeth you have to drink 4 x 160ml glasses of water

Then brush your teeth and don’t consume anything for the next 45 minutes. After that you can eat and drink as usual.

Don’t eat or drink anything for 2 hours after 15 minutes of diner, lunch or breakfast

If you are older or sick and you cannot drink 4 glasses, start with small amount, then gradually increase to 4 glassed daily.

This method is great against several diseases, allowing you to have a healthy lifestyle.

This is the duration it takes water to heal, reduce or control diseases:

Gastric (10 days)

Diabetes (30 days)

High Blood Pressure (30 days)

Cancer (180 days)

Constipation (10 days)

TB (90 days) need to consult a specialist

For people with arthritis, start with 3 days in the first week, and from the second week you can do it daily.

In the beginning of the treatment you may urinate more, but there are not side effects of this.

You should adopt this method as a part of your daily routine.


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