The ideal physical state for athletes is a body brimming with energy, a relaxed and clear-headed mind, balanced hormone flow and quick stamina, performance and workout recovery. However, the modern times do not allow us to live that way, often incorporating stress in every facet of our lives. Stress causes excess production of cortisol, and reduced production of other hormones such as DHEA, estrogen and testosterone.

With time, the stress strains the adrenal glands and leads to overwhelming thoughts. The mind gets clouded by the stress, which also affects your performance and muscle repair. In simpler terms, stress destroys the body both physically and mentally.

While it’s best to address the underlying issues for stress, we are often unable to do so in short time. If the stress has been going on for a long time, the body may not be able to repair itself. These cases require help from herbs and natural remedies that can return the body to the state of equilibrium and hormonal balance. The herbs that can help us achieve this are called adaptogens.

The adaptogens are defined by three characteristics: they are safe, support the body and resist the effects of stress while balancing and regulating the bodily systems. Among the herbs, some are widely used as adaptogens, while others are only used as adaptogens in certain cases.

These are the 8 best adaptogens:

  1. Eletheuro (Siberian Ginseng)
  2. Ginseng
  3. Cordyceps
  4. Dangshen
  5. Rhodiola
  6. Jiaogulan
  7. Ashwagandha
  8. Tulsi
  9. Schisandra

All these herbs have a balancing effect. The schisandra herb has been praised for its ability to stimulate the central nervous system for better performance, response time and mental acuity, while relieving stress and anxiety simultaneously. This is only a single example of the balancing effect of the adaptogens. They can be taken by anyone over a longer period as they are completely safe to be consumed.

When you’re suffering from a condition, always do your own research first. If you’re not sure about antibiotics or prescribed medication in general, a naturopathic doctor or an herbalist may be able to help.

The herbs can be found in dried form that can be used for teas, or in powder or tincture form that can be added to smoothies. You can also find supplements of the adaptogens in capsule form, but no matter the form, the herbs will be able to help you, while balancing the body and improving your strength.


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