This article will reveal a simple, but terrifying truth about teas, which shows that drinking cheap tea can be the same treat as consuming junk food.

 As it seems, most conventional tea brands such as Tazo, Tetley, Twinings, Celestial Seasonings,Lipton, Allegro, Teavana, Bigelow, Republic of Tea, Tea Forte, Yogi, Mighty Leaf, Trader Joe’s, contain considerably high levels of toxic substances, such as fluoride and pesticides.

This is not a claim about calcium fluoride, which is a natural element. In this case, it was shown that these teas contain synthetic fluoride, which is a toxic by product. Its level is dangerously high to the point of being considered unsafe.

The truth could no longer be hidden even though you may be understandably upset to find out that your favorite drink is loaded with high quantities of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals.

1. Pesticides

Most of the herbs are not washed before the drying process, which means that non-organic tea contains pesticide residues. A large number of tea brands, including those that are considered as organic or pesticide free, contain pesticides known as carginogens in quantities above the US and EU limits!

Read this thorough report from Glaucus Research, which illustrates something you could freely call a criminal practice. Be sure to read it carefully, since it is the real picture of what really goes on in the modern world.

2. Substances found in the teabag material

Teabags are often made from plastics (which may leach molecules into the boiling water), corn-based biodegradable bags (probably GMO), or with paper which was treated with wet strength agents such as polymerized epichlorohydrin. Epicholorohydrin (unpolymerized) is also used as an insect fumigant and considered a potential carcinogen – and although levels present in paper products such as tea bags and coffee filters are low, they are still present.

The effects of leaching from teabag material to the tea are of course avoidable if you use loose leaf tea. If you are concerned about this but still want your favorite brand, you could also try this “hack”: Empty the contents of the teabag(s) into a teapot and brew tea the traditional way with a tea strainer! (You get style points also for that – and let us know if you notice a difference in flavor from the deduction of anything that should not have been in your tea!)

3. “Natural flavors”

The termNatural Flavorsessentially means flavoringsWhich havetheir originin nature“.In otherwords, it could be made fromany animal or plant source andprocessedin many ways.Not only doyou have no true idea what the source actually was, norhowmuchprocessing was done to it butsome of the items that areused as naturalflavors are completely disgusting in their ownright.Yes,anything that saysNatural flavorson the label could containcastoreum,and you would neverknow.

4. Artificial flavors

Do you ever wonder why does tea need flavoring at all? Actually, modern agriculture is so aggressive, that at the end the product is bland-tasting, and flavorings are more than required, in order to make the tea taste as it should. So, next time be sure to check the labels for anything like “flavors” or “flavorings”.

These things happen because large companies are eager to create marketable products, but also to cut costs and increase their profits, which results in poor quality.

If sufficient number of people ask for a better quality of the food they buy, companies would feel the pressure of the laws of supply. Everything is in your hands, so try to make smart decisions, and take more care about the food quality. Do a research on your own and contribute to a better world.

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