You do not need all those personal care cosmetic products, especially not those based on heavy chemicals. All you need is organic, unrefined coconut oil. Coconut oil is the healthiest thing you can out onto your skin and the list of its benefits seems to be never ending. We give you the top 28 uses of coconut oil for personal care.

Coconut oil is packed with some great health benefits. It has strong anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and antioxidant properties, and it also enhances nutrient absorption. You can find organic coconut oil in every healthy food store. Groceries have it as well. Skinny Coconut Oil is the only producer that sticks to true raw standards, and their products have a better taste and smell than any other coconut oil product you may have used. You agree on this one, right?

Here are the most important uses of coconut oil as a personal care product:

1. Cuticle cream: Rub a tiny bit of coconut oil onto your cuticles. It will soften them, so you can push them back easily. Remember, a little product always goes a long way.

2. After shave: Coconut oil relieves razor burn. Apply it onto your skin right after shaving it. This will give you a great feeling, as coconut oil nourishes hair follicles and heals irritated skin.

3. Pore minimizer: We bet that you have not used coconut oil onto your pores, as you probably believe that ‘oily’ things cannot be of great assistance here. But, you are absolutely wrong! Coconut oil shrinks pores and gives you a softer and smoother skin complexion. In this way you will keep dirt and bacteria away from your pores, and thus prevent the occurrence of acne.

4. Dandruff treatment: Use coconut oil to relieve itchiness and flaking. This is provided by its ability to moisturize skin. Coconut oil regulates oil secretion, which is the major cause of dandruff in both humans and animals. Rub some coconut oil onto your scalp and leave it on overnight. You can rinse it off in the morning and raw vegan hair care products will give you optimal results, as they do not contain harsh chemicals that irritate skin and make your dandruff issue even worse.

5. Stretch marks: Coconut oil is amazingly healing. Use it to nourish stretched and damaged skin. Apply some coconut oil on the affected area 3-4 times a day, regularly, to prevent the occurrence of this unpleasant esthetical problem.

6. Hair gel: Can you imagine styling your hair with coconut oil? It is actually fantastic! Use coconut oil instead of the hair gel you are using. That is all.

7. Hair conditioner and deep treatment: The nice smelling oil can be of great help when it comes to deep conditioning your hair, and the results will be more than amazing. You can enjoy your silky, soft and shiny hair! Coconut oil is abundant in fatty acids, and it is great in nourishing hair follicles and your scalp in general. Rub 2 teaspoons of coconut oil into your hair and leave the oil on for an hour or even better, overnight. For easier application, you can melt the oil by placing it in a container, and placing that container in a larger container filled with warm water. Use natural shampoo to rinse it off next morning, and apply apple cider vinegar instead of your regular conditioner. Your hair will turn into shiny, conditioned, and beautiful miracle.

8. Eyelash conditioner: Believe it or not, some people condition their eyelashes. At the end of the way, eyelashes are actually hair. Rub just a tiny bit of coconut oil onto your lashes before you go to bed. Be careful, you should apply the oil only to the tips.

9. Heal a tattoo: If you apply coconut oil onto your tattoo, you will stop the pigments from fading away. When it comes to brand new tattoos, coconut oil fastens healing process and prevents infections.

10. Natural deodorant: Most deodorants usually contain aluminum, which is bad for your health. Use coconut oil instead of your regular deodorant. The most important thing is that this will help you prevent cancer. Coconut oil kills off yeast, fungi and bacteria, because it acts as a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent. By rubbing some coconut oil onto your armpits every day you will go au naturale and protect your health at the same time.

11. Hand cleaner: Coconut oil is an amazing anti-bacterial agent, which makes it super-efficient hand cleaner. Massage your hands with some coconut oil for half a minute and wipe off any excess using a warm, damp washcloth. Use a dry washcloth for a nice finish. The skin on your hands will absorb what is left from the oil. This home treatment is amazing for dry, cracked hands, especially in winter.

12. Massage oil: This is probably one of the best uses of coconut oil. It has a great smell, and its consistency makes it a perfect massage oil. However, that is not the only benefit. Coconut-oil-spiced massaged relieve sore muscles, because the oil itself is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent.

13. Varicose veins: Annoyed by those varicose veins? Well, coconut oil is the best product you can use. Massage some of the oil onto the affected area for 3-6 times until you are satisfied with the results.

14. Exfoliating agent: Rub some coconut oil onto your skin, and then brush off dead skin cells using a washcloth or scrubby hand mitten. In this way you will get rid of dead skin, remove dirt and hydrate your skin. Thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, in addition to its abundance of lauric acid, coconut oil shall remove any dirt from your skin.

15. Anti-wrinkle product: Apply coconut oil to strengthen and tighten your skin and connective tissues. In this way you will look young and fresh. Use it to moisturize your skin overnight and prevent wrinkles, or at least minimize them.

16. Chapstick Coconut: oil is great for your lips! It has a natural SPF, which means it protects against sun and prevents cracking.

17. Nail strengthener: Rub some coconut oil onto your nails to strengthen their structure and improve the laminated layers of keratin. In this way you will protect their nails from environmental issues.

18. Vaseline substitute: Use coconut oil instead of petroleum-based vaseline. Of course, if you have not done this already. It is a far safer alternative, it is all-natural, and yes, 5,000 times better for you. The Internet offers a variety of information about the dangers provided by vaseline.

19. Eye cream: Dab a tiny amount of coconut oil around your eyes before you go to bed. In this way you will hydrate the gentle skin around your eyes, and your eyes will look and feel much better in the morning.

20. Body scrub: Combine coconut oil and sea salt or sugar into a natural body scrub. Use it for your face and body. 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and 2 tablespoons of sugar or salt is just enough.

21. Insect repellent:  Coconut oil will make your homemade insect repellent last longer. Remember, DEET- containing insect repellents are harmful to both your health and environment.

22. Toothpaste: Coconut oil and baking soda make an all-natural toothpaste. It is easy to use and 100% free of fluoride.

23.Burns Apply: coconut oil on your burns until they heal. Your burns will heal faster and you will prevent the occurrence of permanent scars.

24.Makeup remover: Use coconut oil to remove makeup. Apply some of the oil onto a cotton pad and clean your face before washing it with natural soap.

25.Prevent hair splitting: Heat can damage hair in so many ways, and if you do not protect it, you will end up with awful split ends. First, ask your hairdresser to cut off your hair ends, and then start applying some organic coconut oil. The quality of your hair will improve significantly.

26.Lubricant: Coconut oil is an amazing natural lubricant and it provides a great feeling. However, do not use it with condoms, because there is a great possibility that it may break it down.

27.Sunscreen: As we already explained, coconut oil provides a natural SPF, meaning that your skin will not burn. Apply coconut oil all summer long and you will be safe from burns. You may want to apply it 20 minutes before going out, so it can absorb easily.

28.Bruising: Coconut oil speeds up the healing of bruises. It will also reduce swelling and redness.

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