Acne vulgaris (or simply acne) is a long-term skin condition characterized by areas of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, greasy skin, and possibly scarring. The resulting appearance may lead to anxiety, reduced self-esteem, and in extreme cases, depression or thoughts of suicide. Genetics is estimated to be the cause of 80% of cases. Cigarette smoking does increase the risk of developing acne and worsens its severity. Acne occurs most commonly during adolescence, affecting an estimated 80–90% of teenagers in the Western world. In 2010, acne was estimated to affect 650 million people globally making it the 8th most common disease worldwide.

 egg mask

  1. Whip up some ‘whites
  2. Needed ingredients:


to 3 egg whites, separated from yolks



Egg whites are an easy and affordable way to help reduce acne and fade, because are rich in proteins and essential vitamins. These compounds help to rebuild skin cells and soak up excess oil, which means less food for bacteria.

After you wash and dry your face, need to separate the whites from the yolks, then whisk the whites until they are frothy. Leave for 5 minutes and then apply the mixture on your face. After applying first layer let it to dry then can apply more layers, 3 or 4 layers is usually enough. After last layer leave on for 20 minutes and then wash your face with warm water. Apply moisturizer appropriate for your skin type.


  1. 2. Papaya for the pimple prone
  2. Needed ingredients:
  1.  fresh papaya
  2. Papaya is contained in numerous beauty products, but no need to spend your money on these expensive products because can make it at home. Papaya is effective in removing dead skin cells and excess lipids from the surface of the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Papain, enzyme contained in papaya reduces inflammation.

First need to wash your face with water and dry it. Then blend the papaya flesh until the mixture be similar on paste. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse off completely with warm water.


  1.  Make an orange peel paste
  2. Needed ingredients:
  1.  Orange peels
    Acne are caused by dead skin cell clogging up pores and bacteria. Citric acid and vitamin C promotes the growth of new healthy cells and helps in cleaning up the skin surface from the dead cells.

First wash your face then dry it. Then use blender to grind up orange peel. After you grind up the orange peel add water to create a paste. Apply the mixture on whole face or only on acne.After 20-25 minutes can wash your face, dry it and apply moisturize.


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