Chicken is one of healthiest meats and with this combination of vegetables made perfect healthy meal. Chicken meat contains about two to three times as much polyunsaturated fat than most types of red meat when measured as weight percentage. Chicken generally includes low fat in the meat itself (castrated roosters excluded). The fat is highly concentrated on the skin. A 100g serving of baked chicken breast contains 4 grams of fat and 31 grams of protein, compared to 10 grams of fat and 27 grams of protein for the same portion of broiled, lean skirt steak. Avocado oil is full of monounsaturated fats. It is also great for high heat cooking.

Needed ingredients:

  • Thin cut chicken breast (1 package mae about 5 pieces)
  • Whole garlic (chopped)
  • 1/2 roasted red pepper (chopped)
  • Whole onion (some chopped, some sliced)
  • Mixed greens (arugula, baby spinach, kale, etc)
  • Grated cheese (parmesan and romano)
  • Spices (black pepper, italian blend, chicken rub, garlic, sea salt)
  • Avocado oil (to cook with)
  • Extra virgin olive oil

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