akupresureAcupressure (Lat. Acus – needle and pressure) is the art of healing by pressing on certain points of the body. In principle it is similar to acupuncture and is based on the concept of life energy and flowing body meridians. During the treatment, you perform physical pressure on the acupuncture points with the aim of cleaning blockages in these meridians. Pressure can be applied by hand, elbow or various devices. The acupuncture points used in the treatment may or may not reside on the same part of the body where the target symptom is.

Acupressure – an ancient technique of deep massage

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the specific acupuncture points have been chosen precisely because it is through that they effectively stimulate the body’s meridians. Thus, the balance of yin, yang and qi (chi) of the body, results in relieving symptoms. The knowledge of acupressure comes from ancient Indian texts and later it gets improved in China and popularized around the world. The opulent abundance of jewelry that women in India wear just on the most important acupuncture points of the body is not a coincidence. This is proof that the Indians since ancient times knew this deep-tissue massages. The main principle of acupressure is that every organ in the human body is directly linked to specific points on the palms and soles. Energy transfer between these points and the body runs on a reciprocal manner. The pressure on acupuncture points is usually done in two main ways.
Continuous pressing:  point continuously stimulating so that pressure is slowly increased. Rest 4-5 minutes, then repeat the process several times.
Occasional pressing: the point is stimulated about 20 seconds, at intervals of 10 seconds. The method is applied 4 – 5 minutes and again after 10 minutes.

Pressing the point is usually performed with the tip of the thumb. For good results acupressure on both hands has to be carried out in total about 20 minutes a day. People who have external or internal injuries or some disease that affects the skin on the hands, a risk of thrombosis or embedded pacemaker should do acupressure with caution.

Massage your fingertips – fast and efficient self-help for headaches

Given that the acupuncture points on the fingers, which correspond to the element of the head, with a simple massage will remove various types of headaches.

• Place your thumb on the tip of your finger of your opposite hand.
• Massage your finger (using your fists force), performing meandering movements (left – right) from the fingertip to the root (palm of the hand).
• Treat the entire surface of the skin, inch by inch, and don`t lift your thumb from the finger you are treating for the entire time.
• Massage at intervals of a few seconds to several minutes, depending on how you currently respond and how much time you have available.
• In the same way, treat all the fingers of your left and right hands. If necessary, repeat the acupressure several times a day.
• For quick help with headaches connect all your fingertips, palms of both hands and rub them together vigorously for about two minutes.
• If you have a headache because of poor circulation in the neck area, pay close attention to the root of the thumb and all the lower part of the thumb and massage in circular movements.
• If you suffer from pain in your shoulder region, focus on massaging the areas of the palm just below the root of your little finger and the side of the hand below the fingers.

As exercise is proven to help maintain your health, so do the methods of acupressure prove to effective. 15 – 20 minutes of acupressure massage a day can help alleviate your most common problems and improve vitality.

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