There are numerous steps you can take in preventing the cold from getting any worse than it needs to be, however, and many of these steps can also reduce the severity and length of your cold symptoms.

Do not give up if your throat starts scratching, sneezing and you have a headache – is it better to stay at home, to warm up and prepare some natural recipes in combat colds.

       Take vitamin C and lemon

Once you experience the first symptoms of a cold, drink plenty of vitamin C and continue to consume it until symptoms disappear. The recommended daily dosage for adults is 1 g of vitamin C. Of course, the best option is to consume this vitamin from a natural source, in the form of orange, grapefruit, kiwi fruit, peppers. Steam over hot water in which you put lemon juice. Viral colds hate humidity, and lemon juice acts as a natural antibiotic.

       Spices and baths

If you do not prevent colds in the initial phase try sweating. Poisons come out with sweat and fever kills germs. Herbs that heated mixture of strong spices will improve circulation. Mix equal quantities of ginger, pepper and cloves powder and one tsp honey. Take a teaspoon of the mixture into a glass of warm water with honey before bedtime. Try and dip your feet in the bath of mustard. In the bowl of hot water put a little mustard powder, add baking soda and soak your feet.

     Eat chicken soup

Hot chicken soup will help your organism to recover, which is weakened by cold symptoms. In the soup you can add various kinds of vegetables, parsley, garlic, spinach and similar foods to get nutritional bomb that overcomes all the causes of the common cold and flu.

       Cough drops – propolis

The best remedy against cough is propolis. It contains a rich blend of B vitamins and minerals. Even a teaspoon of honey with propolis before bed is enough to soothe the cough. Also you can add some crushed garlic. If you feel that the cough is persistent, drink more tea from lime.

      For red throat – lemon and honey

Hot lemon and honey is tested recipe which soothes sore and red throat. Gargle with hotter liquid, so as to kill bacteria. Boil water and salt and frequently during the day gargle your throat with this solution. The pain and inflammation should quickly pass.

     Get sleep

During sleep, the immune system releases proteins that fight infection. In addition, as you rested, the body is easier to resist viruses and inflammation. In addition, try to have a good sleep the recommended eight hours a day. Namely, if you sleep only 5 or 6 hours are 4 times more likely to get sick as opposed to someone who sleeps 7 hours or more.

       Select food

Avoid dairy products, eggs, sugar and orange juice, as it encourages the creation of mucus. Eat garlic and onions to enhance the immunitet.

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